Early Years - Healthy Planet School


 Shastri Ngr


A world of wonder, curiosity and discovery

Transformative experiences and spaces that let your child discover and build new worlds. We support their learning by enabling play and enquiry based experiences. From the classroom to sand pits, to pools, parks and playgrounds.

Rivaan gets up with a smile on his face to go to school.

Rivaan’s Father

0-4 years, the ‘golden age’ of learning

0-4 years is when a child is most responsive to stimulation. Plasticity, or the ability of the brain to reorganise and adapt is the greatest. Our play based pedagogy acts as fuel for brain development and growth. We invest in their early years for a bright future.


Play based learning

…your child learns an incredible number of basic skills at a rapid pace. Play and discovery is how we build a foundation of early behaviours and learning pathways.


Global outlook

…the foundations of international mindedness begin in Early Years, exploring and understanding the world, developing a curiosity and interest in it.


Explore the environment

…we believe that the environment is the third teacher. Children actively shape their learning by coming into contact with the environment and the people around them.

Learning is experience


Many modes of learning

Learning takes many forms, it goes beyond the classroom. Fun and creative experiences that build foundational skills—from a love for numbers to a global outlook.








A day at Early Years


We start with play, books and art

We can choose to start our day as we wish—free play or sit in the reading corner or enjoy doing some art-work.

We learn new stuff

Our main learning and engagement for the day focuses on our IEYC unit of learning. At the moment it is ‘Healthy Habits’. Music, art, yoga and dance are part of the IEYC unit of learning.

Circle time!

Once all classmates have arrived, it is time for circle time—our teacher checks on our well being, let’s us share what we’ve been doing and introduces the day’s learning goals.

We listen to stories

Our teacher reads aloud to us every day. The stories are set in new worlds—wonderful and full of surprises. We listen actively and ask questions.

We go exploring everyday

At least once a day, we go outside to play on the swings and the climbing frames. We visit the mud kitchen, cook up castles. Sometimes we just run around and explore the garden.