Continuous learning - Healthy Planet School

Continuous learning

The best learners make the best teachers

We believe that teachers are the key persons in bringing our transformative learning experiences to life. Hence, we endeavour to continously help our teachers optimise their potential.

Our teachers share our love for learning and help us achieve our vision. We never want them to stop learning and accumulating new experiences. Hence, their continuous learning and professional up-skilling remains a key focus point around the year. While all our teachers are professionally qualified and suitably experienced, we endeavour to coach, mentor and support our teachers, just as we support our children to help them realise their potential.

Improving the quality of teaching for better learning: making your best, better

  • Effective questioning with active learning strategies 
  • Reading for success in academics
  • Mathematics-special support through Khan Academy
  • Time management / classroom management
  • Cambridge Professional Development Qualification Certificate

Understanding brain research: using best practices from around the world

  • Harvard’s brain development research and its implications for young children
  • Play and active learning in young children
  • Understanding the nature of childhood and learning

Assessment: using assessment methods and data to raise attainment

  • Assessment that is individualised and helps support students as per their needs
  • Documenting learning experiences
  • Designing higher order questions
  • Promoting critical thinking in students

Leadership: understanding the ethos of Healthy Planet

  • Understanding school policy and vision
  • Building trust and respect in children
  • Developing school/parent partnerships
  • Supporting holistic development in young children

Personal development: because teachers are role models

  • Optimising teachers’ potential
  • Teachers as reflective practitioners
  • Enhancing our English and communication